We drive 23 MILLION Twitter reach over 1 day at biggest political conference of the year

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Liberty Conference - ©TomThai
Liberty Conference – ©TomThai via Flickr


The 2014 Centre for Policy studies conference has driven a phenomenal global debate on Liberty across social channels with international head of state, leading journalists and business figures joining the conversation.

We devised and implemented the social media and digital strategy which included Google hangouts to launch Lord Saatchi’s new policy with Professor Niall Ferguson, Deirdre McCloskey. And to discuss media and Liberty with Kevin Sutcliffe, Vice Media and Jim Waterstone, Buzzfeed and Paul Staines, Guido Fawkes.

The world class line up of speakers included  former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, General David Petraeus, Nobel Prize winner for Literature V S Naipaul, Professor Niall Ferguson, Dr Art Laffer, Radek Sikorski, Michael Gove MP and Maurice Saatchi.

Read the full case study.