Centre for Policy Studies

We drive 23 million Twitter reach & global media coverage taking the UK’s biggest political conference to an influential worldwide audience.

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23 million Twitter reach on day of the conference

Designed two live Google debates with world class speakers

Engaged & secured a global audience across social networks

Secured global media coverage

Strategic approach

The brief for the 2014 Centre for Policy Studies conference on Liberty, the biggest conference in the political calendar, was to start a global bushfire and re-energise the concept of freedom and liberty. Our strategic approach, which targeted both traditional media and social media audiences, succeeded in driving a lively and engaged global debate that reached all corners of the world. Our social media amplification plan included partnering with think tanks around the globe and creating engaging content in order to drive a global audience and conversation across both social media and traditional media.

Our two Google Hangout debates, featuring world-class speakers, generated both media coverage in newspapers and debate across social networks. We also arranged for a live stream via YouTube of all the sessions throughout the day. UK media partner, The Telegraph's digital output included a live blog, a landing page for all content on the conference and they also carried and promoted the live streams and the two Google Hangouts. The 2014 Centre for Policy studies conference drove a phenomenal global debate on Liberty across social channels with international heads of state, leading journalists and business figures joining the conversation.


Engaging content

Lord Saatchi's new policy launch

The first hangout launched Lord Saatchi's new tax policy. It was chaired by the Telegraph's Jeremy Warner, with panel guests Lord Saatchi, Niall Ferguson, Deirdre Mcloskey.

New Media and Liberty

The second hangout was on 'New Media and Liberty,' chaired by Jonah Goldberg of the National Review.

Panel guests included Paul Staines, Guido Fawkes. Jim Waterstone, Deputy Editor Buzzfeed UK, Jim Geraghty, National Review and Kevin Sutcliffe, VICE media.




World class speakers

The conference had a world class line up of speakers including former Australian Prime Minister John Howard, General David Petraeus, Nobel Prize winner for Literature V S Naipaul, Professor Niall Ferguson, Dr Art Laffer, Radek Sikorski, Michael Gove MP and Maurice Saatchi.

Think Tanks, politicians, academic leaders,  senior journalists and key' social media influencers, in countries as diverse as USA, Canada, Slovenia, Ireland, Serbia, Australia, Philippines, Saudi Arabia, Peru, India, Sweden, Pakistan, Spain, Hong Kong, Honduras, Thailand and Japan joined the conversation on Twitter and embedded the YouTube live stream and Google Hangouts on their websites.