Marie Curie & Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Marie Curie

We run media & digital campaign from Sahara Desert for legendary explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes & charity Marie Curie

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Staggering 73% of all UK adults saw the media campaign

Produced series of live broadcasts for BBC Breakfast

Our social media strategy saw 1,700 bloggers supporting campaign

Media partnerships with BBC & Telegraph

Produced and transmitted stunning content from Sahara Desert

We built a data dashboard that told Sir Ranulph's story with wearable technology

In April 2015 legendary explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes undertook one of his toughest challenges, to be the oldest Brit to complete the arduous Marathon des Sables and raise £2million for his charity, Marie Curie.

Fieldcraft Studios managed the campaign from the Sahara Desert producing all the video and photography content before (in the UK) and during the race (in the Sahara), live and pre-recorded interviews for UK national media and the social media engagement strategy in the lead up to and during the race itself.

The Marathon des Sables is the toughest footrace on earth. Competitors have to complete 6 marathons in five days under the blistering 50ºC Saharan sun.

The biggest technical challenge was transmitting daily from the extreme environment where there are no mobiles and no internet.

We're experienced in working in hostile environments and working with satellite connections. We set-up a partnership with satellite provider Inmarsat who generously provided the airtime and SatCom who provided the equipment.

This enabled us to transmit a daily video diary for the Telegraph and other media providers.

Below: daily diaries as shown on the Telegraph online.

Being able to provide stunning content in real-time meant the audience followed the story across national media and social media with baited breath. A staggering 73% of all UK adults saw the media coverage.

Our social engagement strategy included two blogger events and over 1,700 bloggers blogging and sharing in support during the event.