Telegraph announces we’ve crowdfunded £2million

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We did it!

iCancer crowdfunded

Eight months after Fieldcraft Studios launched our crowdfunding campaign we’re really excited to announce that we have reached our £2 million goal.

On the first anniversary of Steve Jobs’ death we launched a crowdfunding campaign to fund a potential treatment for the cancer that killed him.

The potential therapy, a cancer-busting virus, was sitting in a freezer in Sweden – and couldn’t be tested for lack of just £2 million.

Without the money, the research would have ceased and the virus been thrown away, placing in jeopardy a therapy that could significantly extend the lives of thousands of NET cancer sufferers.

Alexander Masters started the campaign to raise the funds and wrote about it in the Telegraph. The following week our friend Dominic Nutt wrote his own moving response in the Telegraph. A few text messages suggesting a crowdfunding campaign were shortly followed by our first (and pretty much only) group meeting over six pints and a couple of packets of nuts at the Wetherspoon, Victoria Station, London.

And the rest is history.

Watch a thank you from Professor Essand and Vince Hamilton

Read Alexander’s piece in the Telegraph.

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