Humanitarian emergency fundraising campaign

World Vision

A multichannel storytelling project to raise funds and global awareness of a forgotten food crisis in West Africa.

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Secured UK Government match funding

Global media coverage including CNN & Telegraph

Raised £800,000 for food crisis

Social media: 10 million twitter reach, significant influencer outreach

120517-352Photography ©Mike Goldwater

We launch emergency fundraising campaign

In May 2012, Niger, West Africa was in the middle of a growing food crisis. A humanitarian emergency like this is called slow-onset because it creeps, slowly getting worse.

They are notoriously hard to raise funds and get media coverage for.

We launched World Vision's fundraising campaign for their West Africa appeal.

Our strategy combined strategic partnerships, blogger & influencer outreach, compelling content, live reporting from West Africa, a solid traditional media plan and comprehensive social media engagement.

Each was element designed to feed and build the other.

The project secured match funding from the UK Government and national media coverage.

Highlights included The Telegraph and Christian Amanpour from CNN, and unprecedented levels of support on social media for World Vision UK bringing them brand awareness in new audiences.

Below: VIDEO - watch what happened in West Africa.

Bringing stories from the Frontline to the Frontroom

The project kicked off with a strategic partnership Fieldcraft Studios arranged between World Vision UK and Cybher, the UK’s premier blogging conference for women.

Fieldcraft Studios's Liz Scarff delivered the keynote speech outlining the issues in West Africa, Niger alongside World Vision UK’s CEO Justin Byworth and high-profile blogger and Cybher founder Sian To.

We then took Sian To to Niger, West Africa to tell the story of the hunger crisis throughout a week through social media and blogs.

Whilst out in the field, using digital storytelling tools and social media channels, we told the story in real time of those we met in who were suffering the devastating effects of hunger and the projects World Vision UK implement to help people for the long term.

We also organised a live broadcast between a school in Yorkshire and a school in Niger that starkly highlighted the differences in their lives.

The project pushed World Vision UK into multiple new audiences, succeeded in securing Government Match Funding and raising much needed money for the people of Niger, West Africa.

120517-1391Photography ©Mike Goldwater