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Harper Collins

Innovative book launch


Paperback launch of A Life Discarded by Alexander Masters


  1. Over 25 million audience reach across TV, radio, print and digital

  2. Significant public engagement

  3. BBC Breakfast interview

  4. Engaging influencer outreach

Harper Collins imprint Fourth Estate asked us to create a digital and traditional media campaign to promote the paperback release of best-selling author Alexander Masters’ book, A Life Discarded. Masters found 148 diaries in a skip – fascinated by them he tracked down the author using unorthodox and intriguing methods.

The book, a biographical detective novel, is written with wit, warmth and respect.

The book had already enjoyed a very successful hard back release. Our challenge was to secure public engagement and media coverage for the paperback release.

Our approach needed to be different and striking enough to ensure media outlets would cover the story for a second time.

Watch our short film bringing, ‘A life discarded,’ to life.

We produced a short film and we also gamified the book with a Facebook quiz that asked the audience what they would do if they found a pile of ‘secret’ diaries.

This content was promoted across social channels with a paid-for campaign.

Influencer activity

We hosted an exclusive event at the Harper Collins headquarters and invited leading influencers across fashion, books and lifestyle securing promotion of the paperback across a range of new and diverse audiences.

PR activity

We further amplified the public engagement with social media adverts and a heritage media campaign – the highlights being a BBC Breakfast interview and multiple national and regional radio interviews.

Our social adverts generated significant engagement and buzz.

How good does this look

I need this novel

One for our book club

Comments from the public on our Facebook adverts
Watch our BBC Breakfast coverage


Our campaign secured significant media coverage and social media engagement across both heritage and digital media.

Given the hard back launch generated blanket media coverage it is unusual for media outlets to cover the same ‘story’ twice.

But despite this obvious challenge we successfully manage to secure not only national media coverage but also drive engagement across social media. In total we reached over 25 million people.

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