FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | Experience Antartica in 360 films

Experience Antartica in 360 films

David Carter, our co-founder and chief cameraman, has spent the last three years flying around the world with legendary explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes filming his latest record beating attempt, The Global Reach Challenge.

We’ve been filming in Antarctica, Russia, West Papua, Argentina and Alaska.

Throughout the challenge we’ve been experimenting with 360 cameras and have made a series of short 360 films that give the viewer an intimate insight into life on expedition.

Walk to the summit with us

In this first 360, filmed in Antarctica, the camera is mounted on the sled.

You join the team as they are walking towards the summit. You’ll see Dave and mountain guide, Scott, walking quickly past the rest of the team in order to get into a good upfront position to film as Ran Fiennes then approaches. Dave is at the front and Scott at the back.

In Antarctica, teams walk slowly in single file roped together for safety. If one team member falls down a crevasse then the other can pull them up to safety.

Use your mouse to scroll around the film.

Come behind the scenes and watch our 360 film of the team moving through Antartica. Use your mouse to move around the image.

Join us for dinner in the cook tent

Come inside the cook tent and watch as the team melt snow for drinking water.

A raging storm has been brewing trapping the team at camp 1 for 5 days. Watch as they battle to stop the cook tent blowing away.

We join the team as they have secured most of the tent down but you can hear and see how strong the wind is.

Use your mouse to scroll around.

Would you like to come for dinner? Experience the cook tent in 360

Grab your bike and lets take a ride around base

Join Dave as he cycles around base camp and get a fascinating insight into what base camp, Antarctica looks like.

You can see the lines of tents, mess tents, diggers and airplanes.

Every piece of equipment you see as you tour around the camp has been flown in.

Use your mouse to scroll around

Come for a bike ride around Antartica Base

We’re on the summit

Join us as Ran Fiennes takes his final steps onto the summit of Mount Vinson, the highest mountain in Antarctica.

An incredible achievement.

His exhaustion is evident as he moves slowly, step by step, onto the summit.

As you scroll around the image you can also see Dave capturing the moment on camera.

The view is awe inspiring. Teams that reached the summit earlier in the day did so under cloud but as Ran, Dave and the team approached the summit the clouds lifted giving this incredible viewUse your mouse to scroll around.

READ the full story on our incredible three years organising and filming Ran Fiennes’ Global Reach Challenge.

We’re on the summit of Mount Vinson – watch as Ran Fiennes steps onto the top of the highest mountain in Antarctica.

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