Hello. Welcome to Fieldcraft Studios.

We are a strategic creative consultancy.

Our communication and maker studios work in tandem at the intersection of storytelling, social media, PR and technology.

We produce stunning content, mobilise global social media conversations and design and implement high-impact integrated campaigns for clients that make a measurable difference in the world.

Driven by a pursuit of the new our rolling research and development leads to innovative projects for brands and organisations that span across both digital and real worlds.

If you’d like to have a chat about us helping you drop us a line on hello@fieldcraftstudios.com


Global storytelling events
We design and implement innovative large scale, global storytelling campaigns.

Digital tools
We build websites and digital tools that engage and activate audiences

Maker Studio
We bring digital storytelling into the ‘real world’ with interactive installations in public spaces where you want to engage an audience.

Engaging content
We produce stunning video, photography & social and mobile first content that packs a punch.

Mobilising communities
We mobilise communities on and offline around a campaign or idea to raise awareness or funds

Social Media
Supercharged social media strategies that drive engagement and conversations for a specific campaign or your organisations growth

Campaign strategy and planning
We devise strategy and implement campaigns that incorporate all platforms and channels and deliver results.

Live broadcasts
From the House of Lords to rural Malawi we produce innovative live broadcasts that drive an audience, media coverage and a global audience.

Traditional media and PR
Arranging media partnerships and devising campaigns that drive international media coverage and in turn awareness and raise funds.

Extreme environments
From Everest, to Pakistan, to the Sahara we have run full-scale campaigns from hostile (and not so hostile) environments around the world.

We provide training and mentoring for everyone from CEOs to teams that work either in the office or in-country.

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