FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | Our crowdfunded clinical trial begins

Our crowdfunded clinical trial begins

Back in 2013 we crowdfunded £2million to fund a clinical trial for a potential cancer treatment that was languishing on a shelf in a freezer in Sweden.

The Financial Times recently declared it the most successful crowdfunded medical trial ever. The campaign went viral and trended all around the world.

Vince Hamilton, having seen the publicity around the campaign, stepped forward and made up the funding gap.

The potential treatment, an oncolytic virus for neuroendocrine tumours which (potentially) targets and destroys the cancer cells and amplifies the anti-cancer cell immune response, is named Advince, in honour of Mr Hamilton.

We flew to Sweden to meet the first patient and made a short film.

Read more about how we crowdfunded £2million here.

The first patient to receive a crowdfunded medical treatment

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