FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | We’re LIVE from Sierra Leone & Brighton with children’s laureate Chris Riddell

We’re LIVE from Sierra Leone & Brighton with children’s laureate Chris Riddell

This morning using a mobile phone and What’s App, VSO trained health Officer Andrew Sesay, 24, will be sharing his life-saving work in real-time from Binkola, Sierra Leone with children’s laureate and award-winning illustrator Chris Riddell in his studio in Brighton.

Chris will then be ‘drawing Andrew’s news’ LIVE via The Independent newspapers’ Facebook page.  The Independent newspaper are our media partner for the project.

This unique Remote Reportage will bring the frontline of health work in Sierra Leone to front rooms across the UK.

Against a backdrop of Ebola, Sierra Leone is a country piecing its health system back together. Community Health Officers like Andrew are a lifeline for the remote communities.

We have put this project together for VSO’s spring fundraising campaign – we called it #DrawingBreath.

We wanted to enable the audience to walk in Andrew’s shoes and to be able to experience what life is like for a mum in Sierra Leone. With limited budget we have produced this unique live event that harnesses the power of What’s App to connect Sierra Leone with Brighton.

We have created content with Chris Riddell, an influencer outreach campaign, media coverage and a live event.

Read more about the project here.


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