FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | Nature film series Wide Green Yonder launches

Nature film series Wide Green Yonder launches

Slow nature – watch, relax and be happy

Our 4K virtual nature journeys have launched on our new YouTube channel – Wide Green Yonder.

We’ve been filming on stunning mountains, blissful beaches and relaxing rivers around the world.

Daily dose of nature

Whether you are watching on a mobile on your commute or on your television at home Wide Green Yonder will give you a daily dose of nature wherever you are.

All shot in glorious 4K our launch films take the audience on virtual journeys down iconic rivers in the English countryside.

Each film preserves the natural sounds of the wildlife and the meditative splash of the paddle as the canoe glides down the river.

Gentle relaxing music floats in the backgound producing a deeply relaxing experience.

3-minute overview of the River Arun

Relaxing nature journeys

We call it ‘Slow Nature’. Soak in the beauty of the English countryside and listen to the wildlife, in real-time, as you drift slowly down-stream.

Wide Green Yonder is the first ‘owned channel’ produced by Fieldcraft Studios.

All filmed on the water from our canoe, Greeny, our first film takes the audience on a real-time journey down the stunning River Arun, West Sussex.

2 hour relaxing nauture journey down the River Arun

Watch wherever you are

For each location we have produced a short 3-minute film and a longer version from 1hour – 2 hours.

All shot in 4K they are designed to work equally well on a mobile phone (for when you want a ‘dose of nature’ whilst on the go) as they do on a 65″+ television.

Our first 2-hour virtual nature journey film on the River Arun, West Sussex showcases one of the most beautiful rivers in the UK.

At one point a rainbow arcs across the river, and throughout you can spot the wildlife teaming along the riverbank.

And it’s all accompanied by calming birdsong and relaxing music.

In the coming months we will be publishing more films from majestic mountains to remote and blissful beaches.

Nature makes you happy

We all know how busy life gets and finding time to ‘just be’ in nature can be a challenge.

Research has shown how beneficial being in nature is for our well-being and happiness – leading to a more positive mental state.

And according to research published in 2017 by the University of California, Berkley and BBC Earth watching nature documentaries can have the same beneficial results.

Our second film on the River Stour – this is the 2-hour version.

Our aim is that these films help people to get their daily dose of (stunning) nature and are encouraged to get outdoors and have an adventure of their own.

Check the films out here.

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