FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | Under the stars – filming a new nature series

Under the stars – filming a new nature series

Under the night sky

We’ve been working on a top-secret nature series that will be launching soon.

Floating gently downstream whilst listening to the birdsong… what could be more relaxing?

We have been paddling on stunning rivers across the country filming an immersive nature experience.

This is Fieldcraft Studios’ long-form nature – hand-crafted feature length nature films that will compel you to relax, unwind and sink into our deeply mesmerising experience.

As well as paddling stunning rivers we have been climbing up and down mountains, finding and filming simply stunning beaches and coves, and capturing some awesome aerial footage.

Research has shown that immersing yourself in nature, even through pictures, can lower stress levels, calm you down and sharpen performance.

And those who are connected to nature are more likely to want to protect it.

Our soon-to-launch nature series invites the viewer to relax and experience the awe-inspiring and calming beauty of our planet.

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Rigged and ready to go
Beautiful day on the river

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