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The Future of Humanitarian Reporting

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A series of academic papers, including one from Fieldcraft Studios, have been published by City University’s Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism.

Fieldcraft Studios were invited to contribute a paper in which we focused on mobilising the public at speed and scale during humanitarian emergencies.

We examine the practicalities of communication during an emergency and look at how organisations can lay the foundations to underpin all activity.

Download the papers here.

Other contributors include Lyse Doucet, chief international correspondent for the BBC, Brendan Gormley former CEO Disasters Emergency Committee and Dr Glenda Cooper – the papers’ editor.

The papers follow a conference on the Future of Humanitarian Reporting held in March 2013 and  organised by City University’s Centre for Law, Justice and Journalism, in partnership with the Red Cross. Fieldcraft’s Liz Scarff spoke at this conference.

The conference looked at the latest developments in the use of user-generated content (UGC) by the mainstream media and aid agencies, the relationship between journalists and aid workers now that social media is a factor, and how, in the Twitter age, we should think about reporting emotion and trauma.

This collection of working papers examines these ideas in detail.

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