FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | We’ve crowdfunded £2million for clinical trial

We’ve crowdfunded £2million for clinical trial

In just eight months we have reached our goal to crowdfund £2million for a clinical trial for a potential cancer treatment.

The cancer-busting virus, which if successfully developed, could significantly extend the lives of NET (Neuroendocrine Tumor) patients, the same cancer that killed Steve Jobs.

The potential treatment had been initiated by the prestigious Uppsala University, Sweden but was sitting in a freezer untested for lack of just £2million.

Their vital work can now go ahead. We’re so excited and grateful to everybody who donated to the campaign.

In particular to Vince Hamilton who made a significant donation enabling the trial to go ahead.

Read more about how we raised £2million in eight months here.

The most sucessful medical crowdfunding campaign in web history

Financial Times

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