FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | Live action and animated explainer on combating plastic pollution.

CEFAS, Part of Defra

Live action and animated explainer on combating plastic pollution.

The Centre for Environment Fisheries and Aquaculture Science (Cefas) commissioned us to produce a short explainer film highlighting their efforts to combat plastic pollution.

Cefas approached us with the task of creating an explainer film to showcase their work on marine pollution in South Africa. The project had a tight deadline – just two weeks to deliver a world-class quality film that would effectively communicate Cefas’s efforts in addressing this critical issue.

Cefas is a world leader in marine science and technology, addressing global challenges such as climate change, biodiversity loss, and food security.

The goal was to inform and educate the audience about Cefas’s vital work in this area and highlight Cefas’s role in conducting research and implementing solutions to address this global challenge.

Live-action and animated explainer on work to combat plastic pollution in South Africa, commissioned by Cefas, part of Defra.

Our Approach


We initiated the project by working closely with Cefas to understand their objectives and target audience.

Our team quickly developed a script outlining the key messages and themes to be conveyed in the video.

Simultaneously, we researched and curated stock footage relevant to the subject matter and storyboarded the proposed footage and motion graphics.

Client Collaboration:

We presented the draft script, suggested stock footage, and storyboard to the client for review and feedback.

Incorporating the client’s input, we refined the script and finalised the selection of stock footage and visual elements to be included in the video.

Fieldcraft Studios were excellent to work with.

Fiona Voight, Communication Lead, Cefas (part of Defra)


With the script and visuals approved, we proceeded to the editing and animating phase of production.

The video comprised impactful stock footage seamlessly integrated with simple yet effective motion graphics to enhance storytelling.

Our team ensured that the production remained aligned with the agreed schedule and budget throughout the process.

The brief required turnaround in a very tight timescale and Liz and her team were incredible at understanding what was needed and fitted the work in with very little notice.

Fiona Voight, Communications Lead, Cefas (part of Defra)


Despite the tight timeframe, we completed the video on time and within the allocated budget.

The final video effectively and creatively conveyed Cefas’s message about combating plastic pollution and showcased their significant contributions to marine conservation efforts.


The resulting short explainer video provided a clear and engaging overview of Cefas’s work to combat plastic pollution. By simplifying complex scientific concepts and presenting them in an engaging format, the video successfully educated and engaged viewers about the importance of addressing plastic pollution and highlighted Cefas’s role as a leader in this field.


Through effective collaboration, efficient production processes, and creative storytelling, our studio was able to meet the client’s objectives and deliver a high-quality video within the specified timeframe and budget constraints.

The successful completion of this project demonstrates our ability to produce compelling content that effectively communicates our clients’ messages to their target audience.

Liz was so easy to work with, approachable and knowledgeable of the not-for-profit environmental landscape we needed to work within.

We are delighted with the final video and are confident it will meet the project aims of raising awareness, informing and educating our audiences.

Fiona Voight, Communications Lead, CEFAS

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