FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | Local Government Portraits: Short Films Spotlighting Local Council

Local Government Portraits: Short Films Spotlighting Local Council

The Effective Governance Forum commissioned Fieldcraft Studios to produce a series of engaging video shorts featuring councillors, council leaders, and ex-senior civil servants from various regions of the UK.

These videos were intended to provide succinct yet insightful perspectives on local governance, serving as educational tools for the public and stakeholders while also enhancing the organisation’s online presence through social media and website integration.

Deena Tissera, Aberdeen Councillor

Production Approach

Our production team adopted a straightforward approach, focusing on capturing authentic insights from the interviewees through direct-to-camera recordings. To ensure visual consistency and brand recognition, animated lower thirds and an end screen featuring a call to action directing viewers to the organisation’s website were designed and incorporated into each video.

Caroline Pidgeon, Lib Dem London Assembly Member

Impact and Dissemination

The video shorts were strategically distributed across social media platforms, including Twitter, and LinkedIn, to reach a diverse audience interested in governance and public affairs.

Additionally, the videos were embedded across the organisation’s website, providing accessible resources for stakeholders and the general public interested in learning about effective governance practices.

We produced animated lower thirds and end screens that enhanced brand visibility and encouraged viewers to engage further with the organisation’s initiatives by visiting the website.

Tim Knox, Editor, Effective Governance Forum


By producing a series of concise and visually appealing video shorts featuring insights from UK leaders in governance, the Effective Governance Forum successfully amplified its reach and impact in promoting informed dialogue and best practices in local governance.

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