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Leadership Skills Foundation

Crafting content – short films and an interactive

The Leadership Skills Foundation commissioned Fieldcraft Studios to produce a compelling film, online interactive, and social media content to showcase the transformative impact of their Your Time Programme, aimed at increasing girls’ participation in competitive sports.

The Leadership Skills Foundation chose Fieldcraft Studios for our expertise and skill in storytelling and content creation. With a proven track record of delivering high-quality productions, Fieldcraft Studios was entrusted to bring the Your Time Programme’s impact to life.

The ‘3-minute Hero’ film we produced as part of the suite of deliverables.


Demonstrate Impact: To highlight the significant contribution of the programme providing equal opportunities for women and girls in sports across the education and sporting sectors.

Support Funding Conversations: To provide evidence supporting the continuation of funding for the Your Time Programme beyond spring 2024, particularly in discussions with the Department for Education and potential future funders.

Highlight Teaching Methods: To showcase how the unique format and teaching methods employed in the programme contribute to its overall success.


Pre-production: Fieldcraft Studios collaborated closely with the Leadership Skills Foundation to storyboard the narrative for the short film and online interactive. This involved planning the content structure and identifying key contributors from participating schools.

Production: A film shoot was arranged, coordinating with the school to ensure the availability of contributors. Formal interviews with students were conducted, followed by filming of various sporting activities to capture the essence of the programme’s impact. Additionally, we produced a library of compelling and engaging photographs to complement the visual storytelling.

Fieldcraft Studios produced a comprehensive photography library of the project including portraits with the students.

Post-production: Fieldcraft Studios designed and produced the online interactive, incorporating the Leadership Skills branding to maintain consistency. We designed lower thirds and bold, engaging transitions. The film footage was meticulously edited to weave together the narratives and showcase the programme’s success effectively.

Time Constraints: Filming had to be completed within a single day, necessitating efficient planning and coordination to capture all required content.

Audience Diversity: The content needed to resonate with multiple audiences, including school leaders, parents, and potential funders such as the Department for Education. This required careful consideration of messaging and tone to appeal to diverse stakeholders.

We were commissioned to produce a library of world-class images that captured the programme and demonstrated its impact.

Outcome: Fieldcraft Studios successfully delivered a suite of impactful content, including a compelling film, online interactive, and social media assets, showcasing the Your Time Programme’s achievements. The content provided compelling evidence of the programme’s impact, supporting ongoing funding conversations and reinforcing its position within the landscape of women’s sports in education and beyond.

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