FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | Filming around the world with explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Marie Curie

Filming around the world with explorer Sir Ranulph Fiennes

Live storytelling expedition from the world’s highest mountains with Sir Ranulph Fiennes. We are filming the expedition, and producing the live-outside broadcasts for the BBC.


  1. Multiple live broadcasts for BBC Breakfast and other media outlets

  2. Organised expeditions in all locations

  3. Filming in extreme locations

  4. Arranged key sponsorship with Inmarsat, satellite communications provider

The Global Reach Challenge

Seasoned explorer, Sir Ranulph Fiennes, is attempting his most audacious challenge yet, The Global Reach Challenge.

Sir Ranulph will attempt to cross both poles and climb the highest mountain on every continent.

Filming with Ranulph Fiennes

Fieldcraft Studios are organising the expedition as well as filming with Ranulph Fiennes and producing live television broadcasts from all locations including Antarctica, West Papua and Argentina.

Sir Ranulph is undertaking this challenge to raise money for Marie Curie, who provide care and support for patients through terminal illness.

Fieldcraft Studios filming Sir Ranulph Fiennes in Antarctica
Sir Ranulph Fiennes in Antarctica ©DaveCarter/FieldcraftStudios

Marie Curie and Fieldcraft Studios secure BBC Breakfast as the lead broadcast media partner.

Strategic planning

Fieldcraft Studios secure vital sponsorship from satellite communications provider Inmarsat.

Strategic Partners

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