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Elmley Nature Reserve

Filming Elmley Nature Reserve

Capturing the breath-taking nature reserve across the seasons to produce a brand film and suite of content for social media.

Brand film that captures everything Elmley has to offer.

The Elmley ‘experience’ captured on film

We spent a year filming across the seasons at the stunning Elmley Nature Reserve.

Elmley is a very special place – 3,300 acres of breath-taking wilderness on an island in North Kent. Still a working farm, Elmley have also created thoughtfully designed places to stay allowing guests to immerse themselves in nature.

We were commissioned to film Elmley’s spectacular landscape and abundant wildlife both from the ground and the air.

We also captured on film the range of accommodation across the reserve and the conservation work that takes place throughout the year.

We produced a brand film and video content for their website, alongside a suite of content for social media.

Guests visit Elmley to immerse themselves in the spectacular scenery and to relax and unwind in nature.

Our filming treatment reflected this Elmley, ‘experience’ taking the audience on a captivating yet relaxed tour of everything the reserve has to offer.

A stunning Elmley sunset. Relaxing. Reflective. Restorative.

Filming the changing landscape

Elmley has a vast amount of freshwater habitat alongside the equally vast expanses of salt marsh and mudflats of the Swale. This creates a gigantic feeding area for waders and wildfowl throughout the year.

With every season we spent several days capturing the evolving landscape and wildlife. This involved early mornings to capture the stunning sunrise and sunsets.

We filmed Elmley’s accommodation and the food and drink from their Cowshed cafe during the warmer weather of the summer months. Working with models we captured the accommodation, the food offering and landscape scenes that give an intimate sense of the Elmley experience.

The films and video clips were produced to use on Elmley’s relaunched website as well as across their popular social media channels.

What an incredible privilege to spend a year filming in this magnificant landscape.

Liz Scarff, Director, Fieldcraft Studios

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