FIELDCRAFT STUDIOS | Great Galaxies – an animated short

The Royal Observatory

Great Galaxies – an animated short

The Royal Observatory commissioned us to produce an animation about Great Galaxies for their school’s programme.

We were thrilled to be commissioned by The Royal Observatory, part of the National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, to produce an animation about galaxies.

The target audience is secondary level students and the aim of the animation is to inspire them to think about astronomy and space and to explain a difficult concept in a fun and simple way.

We worked closely with the Royal Observatory’s Science Learning Team, who provided the script, to ensure that we represented the science accurately.

See how many Easter Eggs* you can spot throughout.

Great Galaxies

It’s been an absolute blast working with you and your team and we are thrilled with the outcome of the project.

The entire process has been smooth with excellent communication from your side and the video reflects that – it’s brilliant and we can’t wait to share it with everyone!

Patricia Skelton, Senior Manager, Astronomy Education

This was a fabulous project that we were thrilled to complete.

Our talented team included:

Liz Scarff – Executive Producer

David Carter – Camera / Sound

Alex Amelines – Animation

Tom Bland – Animation

*Easter Eggs are fun or quirky messages, images or features hidden throughout a film. How many did you spot in Great Galaxies?

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