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Project X – Innovative science education series with Oxford University

Combining fantastic storytelling, incredible content and brilliant partners – Oxford University – to build an augmented reality innovative science education project.


  1. Innovative science education

  2. Using emerging technology to enage students

  3. World-class storytelling and content

  4. Prestigious partners

Innovative science education

Imagine a science lesson where Augmented Reality transports pupils into a world where they’ll meet real scientists, learn about real research and conduct real experiments.

A world where they aren’t playing at being scientists, they become scientists.

It’s lessons like these that will inspire our next generation.

Students conduct experiments based on real research happening right now in the lab at Oxford University

Bringing scientists into the classroom

Project X will bring scientists and their world-class research directly into pupils’ classrooms across the country.

School pupils rarely, if ever, meet scientists to learn how a drug is developed from bench to bedside.

It is hard for them to visualise how concepts learnt at school are implemented in the real world.

By partnering with leading scientists, universities and scientific organisations Project X will translate research into engaging curriculum-based lesson plans using video, animation, games, live social-media broadcasts and interactive technology.

This exposure to current scientific research will give pupils an unprecedented insight into how scientists work.

A full lesson plan keeps students engaged throughout the lesson

Science engagement problem

“There is an engagement problem in science.” said the Education Endowment Foundation in 2018.

A Wellcome Trust survey showed only 30% of teachers and pupils think science is a very important subject.

Science education lessons that make links between science, everyday life and possible careers have been proven to foster greater positive attitudes to science.

Our goal is to change the culture and shift students’ perceptions.

We’ll encourage them to value and think critically about the role science plays in our society and empower them to explore a science career.

Read more about this science education project.

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