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Reall - Climate Friendly Housing

Films that showcase climate-smart affordable housing

Reall, a prominent investor and innovator in climate-smart affordable housing in urban Africa and Asia, commissioned us to produce a brand film that would resonate with their B2B audience.

With a mission to make a lasting impact on communities and the environment, Reall aimed to engage their B2B audience, comprising high-level policymakers, investors, and global influencers.

Our task was to encapsulate their innovative approach and vision for the future, blending existing footage with fresh interviews to create a film that resonates with their esteemed B2B stakeholders.

Our Brief

Reall’s mission is to create sustainable, affordable housing solutions that positively impact communities and the environment. With a focus on influencing high-level policymakers, investors, and global actors, Reall sought a compelling ‘hero’ brand film to communicate their innovative approach and vision for the future.

Reall wanted a film that would resonate with their B2B audience, effectively conveying their mission, methods, and aspirations. The film aimed to inform and influence policymakers and investors globally. The challenge was to merge existing footage from Reall’s archive with new interviews from the CEO and Director of Policy, creating a captivating narrative that would drive engagement on social media platforms.

Our Approach

Creative Concept:

We worked closely with Reall’s team to understand their values, goals, and unique selling points. Our creative concept focused on weaving together compelling narratives from existing and new footage to create a cohesive and impactful brand film.

Interviews and Storytelling:

New interviews with the CEO and Director of Policy were conducted to provide fresh insights into Reall’s mission and innovative strategies. These interviews formed the backbone of the film, offering a human touch to the narrative.

Animated Text Style

To enhance engagement on social media, we developed a simple yet effective animated text style using Reall’s brand colors. This approach aimed to highlight key messages, making the content visually appealing and shareable across various platforms.

Footage Enhancement

We re-graded all existing footage to improve its appearance and elevate its impact. This step was crucial in ensuring a seamless blend between the new and existing content, maintaining a consistent visual language throughout the film.

A suite of Shorter Films for Social Media

Recognising the importance of social media in reaching the target audience, we produced a suite of shorter films. Each focused on specific aspects of Reall’s work, ensuring that the content was digestible and shareable on various platforms.

In conclusion, our collaboration with Reall resulted in a successful brand film that effectively communicated their message to a global B2B audience.

The combination of storytelling, animation, and social media strategy contributed to increased brand visibility and engagement, furthering Reall’s mission to create sustainable and affordable housing solutions.

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