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Reall - Climate Friendly Housing

Films that showcase climate-smart affordable housing

Producing engaging films and social media content that have an impact for a B2B audience.


  1. Produced multiple films and social media content

  2. Working with language translation. Worked with existing footage

  3. Shot fresh interviews

  4. Created engaging animations

Reall is an investor and innovator in climate-smart affordable housing in urban Africa and Asia.

They commissioned us to produce a hero film for them that would communicate what they do, their innovative approach and their vision for the future.

Their audience is B2B – they aim to inform and influence high-level policymakers, investors and actors across the globe.

We were provided with existing footage from their own archive and we re-shot interviews with the CEO and Director of Policy.

We developed a simple but effective animated text style in Reall’s brand colours to highlight key messages. In particular, this approach was developed to ensure that the films have an impact on social media channels.

We also re-graded all the existing footage improving its appearance and elevating the impact.

We produced the hero film alongside a suite of shorter films for social media.

Wow. Thank you. And fantastic. The final version exceeded expectations and is a testament to Fieldcraft Studios’ professionalism!

Mark Atterton, Commercial Director

Remote Directing in Pakistan and Uganda

Reall commissioned us to remotely direct films with two climate-friendly, affordable housing companies in Pakistan and Uganda.

We remotely produced and directed a film crew in each country. This included storyboarding, briefing and providing all technical briefs.

The footage was then transferred to the UK where we edited the films.

Modulus Tech: Remotely produced and directed. Edited in the UK.

Cop 26 – A film from Mozambique

We also remotely directed a film in Mozambique about climate-friendly housing that survived Cyclone Idai.

This film was produced for Cop26 in Glasgow, 2021.

A big challenge with this film was working with lower quality interview footage. We worked creatively using graphics and the subtitles to distract attention away from the arm and recording device in some of the footage.

We also worked with Portuguese Mozambique. We provided the translation and worked with the local team to ensure its accuracy.

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