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Remotely directing brand films in Pakistan and Uganda

Reall, an investor in climate-smart affordable housing projects in urban Africa and Asia, approached us with a unique challenge.

They commissioned us to remotely direct and produce films showcasing their invested partners in Pakistan and Uganda.

The primary objective was to produce two distinct brand films—one focusing on a partner in Pakistan and the other spotlighting a partner in Uganda—that would deeply resonate with high-level stakeholders.

This film aimed to raise brand awareness, report progress to external funders, and secure future funding for Reall’s initiatives.

With a detailed brief from Reall, we were tasked with remotely directing the filming process, ensuring on-message content that aligned with the organisation’s values and goals.

Brand film produced in Pakistan.


Detailed Brief and Storyboarding

We began by thoroughly understanding Reall’s vision and the specifics of each partner’s project in Pakistan and Uganda. With this knowledge, we crafted a detailed brief that guided the subsequent creative process. Storyboarding helped visualise the narrative, ensuring a cohesive and impactful film.

Creative Approach and Interview Questions

Working closely with Reall, we developed a creative approach that highlighted the unique aspects of each partner’s contribution to affordable climate-smart housing. We crafted a list of interview questions designed to elicit on-message and on-brand responses, ensuring a narrative that aligned with Reall’s objectives.

Brand film produced in Uganda

Filming Guidelines Handbook

‘Recognising the challenges of remote directing in different countries, we compiled a comprehensive Filming Playbook’. This Playbook served as a reference for the in-country production teams, providing clear instructions on filming techniques, framing, and capturing the essence of Reall’s mission.

Remote Direction of Interviews

We collaborated closely with the local production team to ensure that the footage they captured aligned meticulously with the rigorous project specifications.

Footage Compilation and Editing

Once we received the footage, our team meticulously crafted the final edits. This involved selecting the most impactful sequences, ensuring a seamless flow, and incorporating engaging visuals. The film aimed to captivate high-level stakeholders and convey the tangible impact of Reall’s investments.

Wow. Thank you. And fantastic. The final version exceeded expectations and is a testament to Fieldcraft Studios’ professionalism!

Mark Atterton, Commercial Director


Our remote directing approach allowed us to overcome geographical barriers, enabling Reall to effectively communicate the success stories of their invested partners in Pakistan and Uganda. The resulting brand film played a vital role in engaging stakeholders, fostering brand awareness, and paving the way for continued support and funding.

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