Cats Protection

The Big Kitten Con

Cats Protection, a leading advocate for cat welfare, enlisted our expertise to produce a flagship documentary and social media content for their winter campaign.


  1. 138 million campaign reach

  2. 38K petition signatures

  3. 274K organic reach

  4. 103K total page views with 80% new vistors

Cats Protection entrusted us with this flagship project due to our proven track record in documentary production, coupled with our proficiency in crafting compelling advocacy content.

Called, “The Big Kitten Con,” the campaign was aimed at shedding light on the concerning issue of underage kittens being sold via social media platforms.

Ten-minute compelling documentary commissioned by Cats Protection.

With a clear call to action urging government intervention, our end-to-end project management and storytelling expertise played a pivotal role in amplifying awareness and catalysing action.

Our ability to creatively blend live-action with animation, our aptitude for emotionally resonant storytelling and our expertise in producing social media content were key factors in Cats Protection’s decision to commission us.

“This film is really powerful, and completely on brief!”

Nicola Shepard, Head of Brand and Marketing, Cats Protection.


Storyboarding Collaboration

Working in close partnership with Cats Protection, we meticulously storyboarded the documentary, ensuring that each scene contributed to the overarching narrative and call to action.

Participant Selection and Filming

Through extensive research and careful selection, we curated a cast of participants whose stories encapsulated the gravity of the situation. We then filmed the case studies in Cornwall, Scotland and closer to home in our studio.

We produced a photography collection for use by marketing and media teams. This is Cookie – who was sold underage on Gumtree. As a result, he tragically lost his eyesight.

Photography Production

In addition to filming, we photographed a library of evocative photographs to complement the documentary and serve as compelling content for Cats Protection’s direct marketing initiatives.

Content Package for Media Outreach

We crafted a comprehensive package of content, including the ten-minute documentary, a condensed one-minute cinema version, a suite of social media shorts tailored for platforms like Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, and a library of captivating photography. This content was designed to equip Cats Protection’s media team with the necessary assets to effectively pitch the story to media outlets and amplify its reach.

Paid-for TV campaign and social media campaign

We crafted a comprehensive suite of content tailored to maximise impact and engagement.

Working hand-in-hand with Cats Protection and their dedicated media buying agency, we ensured that every aspect of the campaign resonated with the intended audience.

From compelling visuals to persuasive messaging, our collaborative approach enabled us to deliver content that effectively conveyed the urgency of the issue and encouraged viewers to take action in support of Cats Protection’s mission.

Directing the voice-over

We crafted a script for the voice-over, ensuring it encapsulated the campaign’s message with clarity and emotion.

Renowned TV actor and presenter Caroline Quentin lent her talent to bring the script to life, infusing it with warmth and sincerity.

As part of our role in directing the voice-over recording, we provided guidance to Caroline Quentin, ensuring that her performance resonated authentically with the intended tone of the campaign.

Through meticulous direction and collaboration, we ensured that the voice-over served as a compelling complement to the visuals, effectively conveying the urgency of the issue and inspiring action in support of Cats Protection’s mission.

‘It’s the best film we have ever made. It looks like it should be on Netflix.’

Cats Protection Staff


The documentary was a compelling blend of live-action footage and animated sequences, expertly crafted to engage viewers on an emotional level and drive home the urgency of the issue.

Through skillful interview techniques, we elicited poignant stories and compelling quotes from participants, ensuring that their voices resonated authentically with the audience.


The campaign garnered significant traction, sparking widespread conversation and engagement across social media platforms.

Viewers were moved by the emotive storytelling and galvanised into action, with a surge in petition signatures calling for government intervention in regulating cat breeding practices.

The content package provided Cats Protection with a powerful arsenal to effectively convey their message to the media, resulting in extensive coverage and further amplification of their advocacy efforts.

Through our collaborative partnership with Cats Protection, we delivered a hard-hitting documentary that not only raised awareness of the plight of underage kittens but also mobilised public support for regulatory reform.

By leveraging our expertise in storytelling and multimedia production, we empowered Cats Protection to make a tangible impact in the fight against the exploitation of vulnerable animals.

“The Big Kitten Con” stands as a testament to the power of storytelling in driving positive change and advocating for the welfare of our feline companions.

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